Wearing the pants or controlling the zipper…


Time to put the zipper into my baby jacket! I’m planning on hand stitching it in.

So I’m off to find some good zipper tutorials…I find they fall into two methods, using the sewing machine and hand sewn in.  I ran across all kinds of interesting ideas.

Hand Sewn insertion links…

Beat Knitting has a great zipper tutorial that also tells me how to measure for my zipper and shorter it if necessary.

Splityarn uses blocking wires to help with the zipper insertion!

Lobolita shows us how to put a zipper in using a crocheted steek!!

Getting Stitched on the farm’s tutorial reminds us to wash and block first!!!

I go to search for some videos, I find Eunny Jang with a great zipper tutorial, using a latch hook device called a knit picker, which makes the zipper into a knittable item to incorporate into the sweater!

Pauline Designs shows how to use the knit picker to knit the zipper into the sweater in one step!!

Machine insertion links…

Pickin and throwin has a method that covers everything you need to know for hand sewing or machine insertion, she shows us an example with machine.

Whew! That is a lot to think about! So since this is a small project I decide to hand stitch it in. The winner so far in ways to put in a zipper is Pauline Designs, and that means I’m off to search for a knit picker for the next zipper adventure!

How do you insert your zippers!


  1. Who knew? A veritable cornucopia of zipper insertion methods! Shall try to remember this post... never heard of knitting a zipper in!


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