Locker room rendezvous

We are having fun at work, stitching. Any stitching is good. I started knitting on break and lunch. This expanded to one girl who wanted to learn to knit, that turned into 4 to learn to knit. Now we have 2 learning to crochet also, with another making noises about learning.

We have total newbies. Women who "used" to crochet, and a occasional spontaneous person who sets down and learns to knit one or two stitches.

Usually we would sit and put our feet up for awhile and grump. Now I hear chatter and see smiles.

I even had a illicit meeting in the locker room, for a emergency baby blanket stitch consult. LOL

Keep on Knitting....

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  1. Yesterday, the boss's wife came in and I had to teach her how to turn a heel on a sock. A short row heel. It was a bit different than I'm used to but I think I faked it ok. Reverse YO purlwise? K3tog? Not the standard short row heel. Back to the Kitty Snuggle Tubbie I'm crocheting. I'll have to post about it.


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