Blanket done in time for baby shower

Here is the finished baby blanket, just in time for the shower.
I ended up crocheting the picot border in a sc in 3, then chain 3, sc in next 3 stitches.
Pretty, but took me a long time to get around it.

Now on to the bridesmaid wrap, still working on the first sleeve. Since I bought the yarn from Handpainted yarns.com, it comes shrink wrapped with very little info about it, just the dye name. So I cannot remember what the estimated yardage was, and it does not say on my receipt. I decided that I should do the arms first and then see how much was left for the wrap part. And I am thinking about doing a little roll collar.
More to come soon.
I cannot believe that is all I have on my needles right now. I am usually a 5 project at a time girl. I better start casting on something. That means digging into the stash....
Keep on knitting!!

And stay warm.

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