Check out these knitting theme undies and other funny things!

From The Marnie Speaks! Good Girl blog, which is a great blog.

She sell interesting panties at Cafe Press, giggle, giggle...too funny. I think it would be a big turn on for my husband to find me in a pair of these, I can't decide which ones. LOL, actually they are thongs.


I also like the bags at Diva Knitting . The wallet is also cute. This is for that day when I forgot to take my estrogen.

How about some knitting needles with a frog, monkey, dragon, Buddha, or something else.

Look at this weird flesh toned knitted anatomically correct outfit.

Of course Natalie Dee's tee shirt. Classic

I like this scissor leash, although I think this would be mostly for sewing.

I always love looking at stitch markers. And I think the best assortment is at Etsy.

check these skulls out. I don't even use stitch markers that much. They just make me smile when I need it. She also has donuts and pie, cake and many more funny stitch markers. Cute.

So when I'm not knitting, yes I'm thinking of knitting.....

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