Update on crochet socks

I did located the yarn labels, the yarn I am using is Malabrigo, left over from making some felted clogs. The color is Apple Green. I love this yarn, I bought so much of this yarn, (a couple of years ago) and now am trying to find things to knit up the left overs.

P9110008 These are my husbands, before sewing on the soles.

007 These are how they look now!

I have mine done, all except sewing on the soles.


The pattern is the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern, easy, but a lot of counting. I had trouble finding the soles to put on them, I finally located them at Patternworks. And it is worth buying them and putting them on.

After all of the work, you will fall in love with these and use them for a long time.

So haven't gotten too far on the crochet socks. I have made so many knitted socks, I am having trouble deciding if I like them.

I don't know how to explain, but the whole rhythm is different. I'm having trouble getting into the flow.

024 This is my husbands lovely foot. LOL


  1. Your felted slippers look so cozy!

    I have a question though. Do you have to use double pointed knitting needles to make them or are they knit straight?

  2. Ah. I'm not surprised that is Malabrigo yarn - very pretty colors and soft. The felted clogs look nice - I've wondered how that works out with combining the felted yarn with the base. Do you attach the yarn to the sole before felting?

  3. Haah haah-good work!And photo...a footscape from husband???Very nice colors, have a beautiful day dear blogger,


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