Crochet pattern for socks

I have always loved to knit socks. So portable, so many different patterns, lace to tennis socks, yes we can make them. Babies to Sasquatch footed men, everyone loves them.

Sock yarn, well yes, we love that also. All of the different types of fibers. From Self patterning to I spun it myself.

Recently I have been crocheting more, maybe more than I ever have. So my thoughts went along these lines with socks.

Can we crochet socks? Well I'm sure someone has, so let me search.....

This is what I came up with....


Check it out!!!!


If you are just interested in looking and comparing, take a look and see what the other side is doing. Or get your hook out and give it a go.

Here is the yarn I plan on using. I usually like to knit my socks with worsted weight, and wear them in the house instead of house shoes. Also to bed, I have cold feet.

007 socks1


004 Here is the cuff started


  1. It seems like it would be so much more enjoyable to crochet a sock than to knit one. No double needles. Woo!

  2. I completely agree with you about handknit/crocheted socks - they are the best. I also like to wear them to bed on a cold night. What yarn are you using? It's a pretty color.


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