Featured Etsy Seller

The featured Etsy seller for this month is Stormy Designs.

First this seller is having an April sale! I'm a big sale shopper.

A littler bit about her:

About Stormy Designs:
Stormy Designs offers unique sculptures, art, home decor, art jewelry and accessories for your shopping pleasure. All of my creations are hand-made with love.

And it's good to have someone to stand behind their work:

I guarantee my wire work to withstand normal wear, if proper care is given wire wrapped items should last for years. Should something break please save all the pieces and convo me about repairing it. Polymer clay beads may shatter or chip if dropped on a hard surface so treat them as you would your pearls.

There is a large variety of designs:

If you are a bold gal:


Of course I had to point these out:


Not only jewelry:

il_430xN_22958350 OOOOO I could see this in my new sewing room, filled with knitting needles....

These would be a great gift to put on a keychain for any dog lover.


Knitting a spring sweater that needs buttons?


Browse her shop at Etsy: Stormy Designs

She has a blog at: Here and keep up with what she is up to.

Enjoy browsing around!


  1. Stormy is very talented and I enjoyed looking at all the products you showcased! Thanks!


  2. Hello you visited my blog during guest blogger week and I just wanted to say hi and that I love this featured seller.


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