Pieces of April

April, makes me think of rain, flowers, new leaves, growing grass, (get those lawn mowers ready) and babies,


Mother nature is on the move as well.

It also makes me creative as well. Lots of new ideas to knit, sew and decorate. I get in the mood to clean, clean out, and renew.

I am an Etsy seller, although, I have been busy creating, not to sell but to give. I have 3 Baby blankets in the works. See my free patterns if you want to make one of these..

It's April, and whatever pieces you choose to make, may they be beautiful!!


  1. That's a pretty shell pattern! You inspired me with your organizing a few weeks back and I'm actually doing a bit of spring cleaning myself.

  2. My mom made my little guy a baby blanket with a similar pattern. We just love it! I have been making a lot of gifts lately as well :)


  3. I love that shell pattern. It's such a classic and elegant design; you can't go wrong with it.

    I'm so happy it is April.

  4. April makes me think of the same things. Loved reading your post and absolutely LOVE your baby blankets (you are SO talented!)



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