Blue baby blanket Finished!!! And a little of what I have been up to...

Yeah!!! I have one baby blanket done. Two to go.

Here is what I have been doing

instead of knitting....Painting, notice my dogs are "helping" and the "much marks" in the background was done by board puppies, to be repaired sometime.

I am painting all of the trim in my house white. It is all painted various dark colors now. Great to try and cover. ugh..

This is my husband putting together a new aquarium stand, so he can have his desk back. LOL

The door is the new color.

The kitchen in the background is to transform also. Notice the bilious green, yes it really is that green, everyone who goes in there looks like they need to go to the hospital due to the green cast it gives everything.

I left for work one day and told my husband I wanted the kitchen green, well he painted EVERYTHING green, trim, cabinets etc....It's a lot of look!!

The top color is the what the living room will be, when I get it done.


  1. The baby blanket looks wonderful! Congrats on finishing it.

    I think white trim really helps to make the wall color that much more dramatic. We have white trim throughout our house and I love it.

    I love the green in your kitchen. It's so cheery!

  2. CarGuy and I lived in a small rental as newlyweds in the early 1970s. The guy who had lived there before us had apparently gotten high one day (or more) and painted. The back room was robin's egg blue with a neon pink trim. The kitchen (o help!) was canary yellow cabinets, army green walls, and then he painted the countertops (o yes) bright orange. Not to stop there, he then took a brush (!!!) and painted the stove fire engine red. He must have gotten tired of mixing up the colors because the rest of the place was a livable pale yellow with grass green trim.

  3. Ahhh ... your poor dog's tail!!

    I Love blue!


  4. The baby blanket is very pretty - the crochet makes such pretty shells. I think your house is very fun and cheerful the way it is painted!


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