Where is my sewing machine?


In my “moving like a sloth” period I was looking for a tutorial for a fleece poncho with a hood, maybe sewing something will make me feel like I’m accomplishing something *snort*. I found lots of ideas but then came upon this site that I had to share. I swear you will find something you need, even if you don’t, it is rather addicting looking through the links.

Sewing Stuff, free online sewing patterns, but don’t let the title mislead you, it is a super compilation of links. In the process I found more good blogs to follow, and some interesting ideas. (she has knitting and crochet, quilts, etc.… links also)

From Halloween costumers and underwear to moccasins and hair scrunchies to lawn mower covers and mermaid dolls. Need a portfolio cover or interested in recycling? Charity sewing? Going to a Renaissance Fair? There is a section for you. Keep looking, don’t stop at the top, the more you look, the more you have to look.

I love the portfolio cover, I was just going to buy something similar from thirty one, this one is better!


ThirtyOne organizer (left)                          Amy Butler small and large right (link to free pdf)


Need a casserole cover? Perfect time of the year for this! Hey in the Midwest everyone needs one of these…because food is the perfect thing to bring in any situation! http://elisabeth-dixiedoodles.blogspot.com/2008/04/cozy-toter-casserole-dish-carrier.html Thanks DixieDoodles!

April 25, 2008 22841

Or have you desperately wanted you DH to cover that motorcycle in your family room that he has been working on? No joke, where else would he want to take it apart? Well there is a pattern for that also, and lots of other covers for mowers etc..


I found an amazing number of things that would be great gifts, and just handy stuff in general. In these green, on a  budget, trying to simplify times, I think this has something for everyone.

There is a help section and if you don’t see something you are looking for a section to post that! If you are wondering who made this? A woman named Mary, you can see a little about her here.

Have Fun!! I never made that poncho that lead me to Mary’s site, but I have lots other ideas now.


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