I Slipped Through The Cracks….

slipped through the cracks  
Photo from Mark Lorch
I’m beginning to feel alive once more. While I was viewing myself as being chronically lazy and unmotivated, there was a reason for this.
While visiting my surgeon (I had my thyroid partly removed recently) he discovers I’m not taking any Synthroid. and says, “well you look ok”. This may explain why I have been doing a lot of sitting, and sleeping, and forgetting what I was going to do, no hot flashes, in fact I’ve been wearing sweaters, and it’s 50 out.. I’ve become really good at sleeping with newspaper, (and waking up with newsprint on my face), sleeping with my knitting, (those needles are pointy), and well you get the picture. On the bright side, I can’t remember what I was going to do or say, and discovered it is less stressful if I can’t remember what I was worrying about. Ha
Cut to some fast blood work, and a prescription, it has only been about 4 days, and I’ve begun to feel more alive. I’ve not started to knit yet, but I’m thinking about it. Hoping to get something done besides working, sleeping, and repeat…
Meanwhile, I’ve gotten my hair totally chopped off. It is as short as my husbands. It will grow in with my “real” color, silvers and all. I think I’m pretty much white in the front but still salt and pepper in the back, I’ll be able to tell more when I get some length on it. I was “blonde” for so long before my henna years, I forgot that my hair was a brownish color. *grin*
Thanks to all that answered my plea for help with dry skin! The best things I’ve found so far!!
I love the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, and try Vegetable Glycerin Oil, I’m totally in love with the Savannah Bee Company, as well as Provon skin moisturizer, I wash my hands so much at work and they will not let us use anything that doesn’t have antibacterial properties, *grimace*
So until I do start knitting I’ll leave you with some more creative links:
-How about some tiny polaroid magnets from Ambrosia Creative!
-Easy Peasy Fingerless Mitts from JCasa handmade, with an afterthought thumb, super easy and fast! You might want to add her Easy Peasy Cowl to go with it.
-KillerBDesigns has a tutorial on sliding door for some privacy in your home, check it out! I love this.
-I keep seeing these. Take something old and make it new again. RecycledLovelies shows us how to make a slash sleeve tee.
Keep knitting

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  1. Ah... no wonder you and I have had such a hard time even scheduling a phone call... neither one of us has had much of a brain to think with lately! LOL! My doc wants me to get my thyroid tested...hmmm... could it be?

    So glad you're beginning to feel better. Missed talking to you :-(


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