Fate Of My Iced Sweater..and developing a laptop/IPad bag pattern (sneak peak)


Is there anyone out there that knits a sweater pattern without drama? Ha, all frustration aside, gauge problems, pattern tweaking etc.…[pattern here] I powered through all of my knitting drama with this pattern, well it did have extended “resting” times, but my biggest hurtle was, (see above photo) this is all of the yarn I have, see little bitty ball at the bottom!  11 skeins later and the arms of the sweater are just to my elbows. I dithered around for a bit, I had spent more money on this yarn than I had planned, and not made it into the pattern I had bought it for (of course *snort*).

But I ultimately decided that I do in fact, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this is turning out, (it is super bulky thick and thin yarn) and is very warm and soft and squishy, I originally thought, when I realized that I would not have enough yardage to complete it, that I would make it into a vest. Having a raglan sleeve posed a problem with that idea. So I decided to knit as far as my yarn would allow me to. Knitting from the last ball, a row on this sleeve and then a row on the other sleeve. I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be happy with the sweater with some substitute yarn that kinda, maybe matches.

So I’m all in and embarked on a quest to find two more balls of my discontinued yarn. I searched Ravelry with no luck and then did find some in several misc. online yarn shops, at almost double the price I paid! Could it be I’m not the only one looking to complete a project? On Knitters Review forum, (gotta love those ladies!, and men, sorry), they directed me towards a shop on EBay, which did in fact have 4 skeins of my much sought after yarn. Colinette Point Five Cardinal, Yay. At a reasonable price and shipping also, so I put them in my cart and promptly bought them! Since my yarn seller is in the Netherlands, now I’m just waiting on it to arrive!

In the meantime, I really didn’t want to start another sweater, I have enough yarn for 3 sweaters and one coat. I hope we are having a chilly winter!  I decided to knit some stash up and began creating a Laptop bag for some friends and family.

Sneak peak here, pattern to follow, if anyone is interested! OK, don’t judge the yarn, I believe the colorway is called Drunk In Mexicali, I’m using my stash up, LOL


Until then, here are some laptop, IPad patterns that I did find, but weren’t what I was looking for:

Knitted and felted:

Laptop sleeve, very cute! This pattern is from slumberland,  I would like to make this one!

Nice felted laptop cover here from RebekahMartin.

I like this felted laptop snggie pattern from EunnyJang Knits

LindsayDayton, has a felted laptop pattern that would be good for stash bustin!


I love this tutorial from MyPoppet, a sewn scrappy IPad cover from wool scraps! So Cute!

TipNut has a list of laptop patterns, that included knitted and sewn, very nice!

Tipnut also has a great list of IPad/Kindle covers! Thanks TipNut!!!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. The sweater looks great. I love the shape of it and can't wait to see it on you!

  2. So glad you found 4 skeins of the discontinued yarn; lucky! The sweater is great and know you will love it when it is finished.


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