Easy, Fast Tutorials for A Rainy Day…

Raining here today and cold. 1137372-3-another-rainy-day[1]
I’ve not been very productive at home, so I’m looking for some quick, good looking items to make. I searched these out on YouTube.

Make Your Own Hand & Arm Warmers: EASY & CHEAP!, this tutorial is from twxitbetwxit, (etsy shop here, in case you just want to buy a pair. Fun and fast, I think kids can do this project also.

How to make a dog hoodie, this takes some sewing skill, but it is so cute. From IMadeThisForYou blog, this tutorial lets us make a sweet dog hoodie for any dog. Take a look at her blog for more ideas.

DIY - From a shirt to a cardigan,

thanks to http://viviantranx3.tumblr.com/ take a knit crew shirt and turn it into a surprisingly stylish cardigan.

How to : Make a simple wrap, cardigan, from TheCreativeBoutique, this would be nice over a variety of clothes this fall/winter. She also has more fast tutorials on her blog link.

Have Fun!!


  1. Always love your links... checking them out immediately after visiting your blog.


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