Frogging again….

frogging again

One week post surgery….and no those socks still are not right…


Well at least this means I’m knitting, or frogging. I got to the toes of these socks, ( which had been frogged a few times already, they started out as toe up socks), and was ready to graft the toe, hummm……1 inch too short, ok, not a big deal. Frog again.

I don’t know where my knitting mojo is! Am I too picky right now? Nothing seems to be turning out right. Of course I am looking at a bulky sweater that I have two balls of yarns left and sleeves, and collar and button band to knit. That had me pause and think.

Then these socks, that I have carried around in my knitting bag for miles. Probably more miles than I’ll ever walk in them, especially due to the fact that there is not even one of them yet. Seriously may be a one sock syndrome pair!

I think the answer to both of these questions is……cast on something else, quick….LOL

Keep knitting…..

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  1. Don't have the answers... but LOVE those rad socks!!!!


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