De-cluttering and Farmville

Yes, I love to game, I have a problem stopping, and it can be 1 in the morning before I know it. I have stopped before and used that energy to, well sleep maybe, LOL. Or knit and spin.

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This started innocently enough, Farmville, it is a slow game, relaxed, right? I think the big draw of this is it’s utopian like world I can create. Yes, my neighbors are all nice and help out to raise my barn or send me bees or parts. My crops might wither, but that is about the worst thing that happens. My farmer is always smiling and ready to plow and plant more seeds. The animals are adorable, no disease or death, the worst is my puppy will run away if I don’t feed him.

The weather is always pleasant, sunny skies and I can fix up my farm with as many little doo dads as I can buy.

Meanwhile in real life, I’ve gotten into my summer de-cluttering purging event. I’ve even purged my walk in closet! *gasp*. So I feel good on that count.

Of course today is our anniversary and I have fabric to make my DH a shirt. (still in the bag), it is almost 9am and he gets home at 3. I have to get sewing!! Oh well, I work well under pressure (see the great panic quilt for my brothers wedding!) LOL


So I have to get seriously busy! Right now! And catch up on what all of my blogging buddies have been up to!


Hummm, Yes Syd is skeptical about this also…

Keep knitting, or creating!!


  1. Oh! I used to play farmville with a passion almost an year back. I went up till level 30, I think. then, I quit it cold turkey.. jus deleted the app from my FB.. I think almost everyone in FB goes through the phase.. ;-)

    and, Happy anniversary! May you have many more such anniversaries ahead of you!


  2. I had to quit farmville, as well, because it was slowing my computer down too much. Plus it was taking up so much of my time, but I still keep it on my fb page so I can be a neighbor.

    I really need to tackle my closets as well. I'm not sure what the floor of my closet looks like anymore.


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