How to get your Knitting Mojo back…..

MOJO (from the urban dictionary)

1. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Esp. In context of contest or display of skill.
2. Good luck fetish / charm to bolster confidence.
3. ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude

She lost his mojo when she had to frog her socks five times.
She got her mojo back now.


Above is the PowerPuff girl villain Mojo Jojo

I stepped back and took at look at why I was having knitting project problems. How many times do I just keep hitting my head against the wall without stopping to think and look at the problem. Ok, so I stopped and looked……

If I have knitting problems, I usually think it is one of three things (or a combo of them)

1. Yarn, wrong yarn for the project. Yarn I don’t like.

So I looked at the yarn, no, it is yarn I’ve used before and  I like this type of yarn.

2. The pattern isn’t making me happy, flawed pattern or not the right pattern for the yarn.

No I’ve used this pattern many times before.Besides I already frogged the toe up pattern and switched to this one, still problems…

3. The needles, wrong type, size, (gauge, well this is a whole separate topic).

OK, no I hate the needles…..Yay! I’m off to get new needles…


I was using two circular needles of different types. One of them was  a very old circular with a horrible join, that I had to push the stiches over each time I came to it. That begin said, I love the two circular needle technique, a la Cat Bordhi.

To my LYS!!


Great Addi Turbo needles


Back and now that I’ve purchased needles that were a wee bit more expensive that I wanted, I decided I would use them many times over thus saving myself money in the long run. Right????

After chancing to the new needles, Yay, I can breath while I’m knitting! First sock done! Now on to the 2nd!


Now to tackle the sweater I’m knitting, well that is another post…..and problem,

Until then,

Happy knitting


  1. My biggest problem is I get bored with my projects. Second to that is having the wrong yarn/pattern.

    I've used Boye needles almost exclusively for over 40 years so I'm a bit nervous about changing now. I need some new ones and will probably stick with Boye when I buy them but Cat's needles look really nice. I like the join.

  2. It's funny to me, because there are periods I go through the same thing:) At least you got a pair of socks out of it!

  3. Vicki! Long time no see-o!

    I've just returned to Addi Turbos after being on bamboo kick all summer. And I wonder why I left?!?! Still like the bamboo (especially Plymouth Yarn and Crystal Palace) but LOVE those Addis!


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