Almost Done

I did quite a bit of knitting on vacation. The drive there, I was trapped in the car with
“the sweater”, so I had no choice but to knit. That was my strategy and it worked, but after 6 solid hours of knitting I was still on the collar! Well really the shawl collar which includes short rows and the front. Due to my yarn shortage I had taken the bottom and sleeves and put them on waste yarn. My strategy was to finish the front/collar, and then see how much I had, if I had enough, finish the bottom.

I made my husband stop at a gas station and take photos so I could tell what it looked like, I was trying to tell what it looked like in the front seat of a small car. *grin*


No not there yet! I was surprised at how much knitting it took to get it long enough, basically I just knitted on the collar/front, until I was sick of it, and called it done.

I then knitted a bit on the bottom, and then put a k2, p2 ribbing on it.


Still knitting on the bottom ribbing here. After I was happy enough with the length I actually had a bit more left so I put one ball on each sleeve and started knitting the sleeves at the same time to see how long I could get them!

002 (2)

Not sure how long they will become, I’m hoping to get them to 3/4 length sleeve or just below the elbows, I don’t think I have enough for full sleeves, I sure would love it if I did! More on this soon.

The pattern: Iced from Knitty'

The yarn: Colinette Point Five, a thick and thin spun yarn, 100% Extra Chunky Wool, In Cardinal color way (discontinued) *snort*

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