Day in the life of….

I know, long time for a break…..

But I’m back…..missed you guys! Have to catch up on what everyone is doing!

To sum up…

-I think summer is here! Yay!! Sun!

Sun Bible!

photo by Denis Collette, check out his beautiful photo stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/deniscollette/

-Synthroid, sometimes tricky to get the dose right. I’m feeling pretty good, but experience some serious brain fog. I can forget what I’m saying in the middle of a sentence. On the bright side I can’t remember what I’m stressing about. LOL

-Still committed to not coloring my hair, as it grows in…..kind of used to looking at the lighter color now. Need lots of conditioning for grey hair, lots of moisture needed to tame the wild and crazy, course feel of it. I’ll have a list of products that I’ve settled on for now. Or I’d love to know any that work for you. I found that having grey/white hair allows me to talk to any women with the same. I pass a women showing her greys and smile. Love the freedom it has given me. Hey, lots of extra cash and time, (no more appointment's every 2-3 weeks for touchups), more for yarn!

-Just because I let my hair go grey doesn't mean I’m letting the rest of it go!  Keep up the Yoga! What is your favorite Yoga? Anyone tried Bikram Yoga / Hot Yoga? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

-No knitting, but I’ve been buying knitting books! Many reviews to come….I mean “lots” of knitting books!

-Still cleaning with natural and home made cleaners! Yes, I’m a total convert! see post here. Updates to come.

-Still searching for great things to help my dry skin and hair, I’ll have a list of what I love, thanks to everyone who has let me know what works for them! I’ve always been oily/normal, so this new territory for me.

-Totally committed to natural deodorant! Love, love, love it! see post here. Seriously now it is warm out, does a better job than Secret (which was my regular, pre home made)

-Knitting and spinning help stress! Memo to myself, don’t forget!!

-I’m so close to finishing up numerous projects! Of course sweaters are great when it is 80 degrees!

-Got crazy one afternoon and bought quite a bit of yarn, (still packed up) but I’ll show you that and my plans for it.


Happy Knitting!dancingintheraingif


  1. I've missed you! Welcome back.

  2. I've missed you! Welcome back.

  3. So tempted. I've had four inch roots and dyed it back to dark again- just can't make my mind up.

  4. Go for it! I'll post some photos of mine soon! At the beginning all of my friends said "no, you won't like it", now I'm amazed at how many people have told me it looks "so much better"! LOL

  5. I've missed you all also! Have to get busy and see what everyone has been doing!


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