Still playing and still knitting

Coming along slowly on the Hoodie.

008 Here are the sleeves sewn up and ready to join the body.

009 Here we are all together and ready to start knitting up the shoulders.

016 Close up of the underarm stitches (off needle).

020 Here is a better look at the front.

You know your hubby is sweet when he will hold all yarn products for pic's, during a basketball game.

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  1. Your sweater looks great! Congrats on finishing it.
    You must have a better husband than me. Mine would be offended if I asked him to draw his attention away from a sports game to hold my silly knitting.

  2. I don't have cable TV so I'm missing all the games - but I know that my Dad's Washington State Cougars took out ND :( I also had my undergrad women UC Santa Barbara in the hunt (as well as ND women) somehow for me the men's teams are more exciting to watch, though. I was at UCSB the year they had a fantastic men's team and I loved to go to the games. I smiled when I saw how you worried first the sleeves were too short, then too long, all part of the knitting experience IMHO. I find that having multiple projects going keeps the dullness factor to a minimum. It's nice to balance those that take mental energy with those you can cruise along with. The colors are beautiful and I can't wait to see it finished!


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