NCAA knitting Tournament

Duke falls to W. Virginia, on the edge of our seats, meanwhile I am knitting quickly on the body of my Hoodie, which I am knitting with some yarn I bought online at HandpaintedYarn.com. I bought 8 skeins of a yarn called Odds N Ends, a (Beautiful Merino Bulky 6 ply hand dyed yarn. Incredibly soft pure merino wool, ideal to use next to the skin and on baby clothing.Yardage: 165 yards per skein.
Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch with needle size 10 or 11.) According to the website.

It is very soft and I love the colors. I originally thought I was going to make a cardiwrap with this, but discovered it was going to be to heavy and not hang the way I wanted it to. Frog that.....Zimmer A


Purdue loses to Xavier, Boo hoo, my brother's school. I am inching along, sleeves done, I am planning on joining these to the body, a la Elizabeth Zimmerman's method. The Seamless Raglan Sweater. And hopefully will be able to find a appropriate zipper for the front.

West Virginia 73, Duke 67, I am trying to decide if I will have enough yarn for a Hood?, If not I think I can just do a k1, p1 simple collar. If I have to choose between a hood and pockets, hmm.......I think pockets will win.

UNLV 42, KU 53, Think I will switch to my jewelry bag for a while....and maybe a few snacks.

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