Little drawstring bags to knit

Here is a blurry pic of the progress of my Hoodie. It's my TV knitting, thus the slow progress.
Here is one of my little bags, this is turning out to be fast to knit. From The Yarnpath blog. pattern The Doggie bag. I am planning on lining it with fabric, making little pockets all of the way around. Hopefully it will work as a little pretty makeup bag on my vanity. Much nicer than the plastic basket I use now.

I have gotten on a little bag kick. This is one with a southwestern flair, I am going to line this one also. Remains to be seen where it will end up. I think I could even use one of these in my backpack to put my toothbrush, sunscreen, and any other little girly hiking needs.
Keep on Knitting....

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  1. You have been busy lately! Love the little purses. I have some left over yarn that I want to make something similar with. I'll have to check out her pattern :)


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