Knitting the road to the Final Four

Still knitting.

Here is the body, knit in one piece to the arms, bottom up. I am going to join the arms and make a saddle shoulder. All of that plain knitting sounded like a good idea but makes me a dull girl.

002 Ok now how did the arms get too long? Last I checked before I folded them and put them in my bag I was worried they were too short and added some.

003 Now I think I will be ripping o

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ut at least an inch before joining to the body, Oh and since I thought I was making it flat when I started and then switched to the EZ method, I will sew up the arms, so I can join them in-the-round to the body.

Pictures to follow.

I have been investigating the EZ "Afterthought Pocket" the instructions are rather confusing. Has anyone used this method? It involves cutting one stitch on each side of the sweater.

My goal is to have this done, by the end of the basketball games.

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