Laguna Sun hat, purse pattern, & Babies, babies & more babies....

I have never "rewarded" myself for cleaning and decluttering. So this morning I ordered the Laguna Sun hat from "One Fine Yarn" and a felted purse pattern.


I haven't picked up my baby blanket and now I have at least 3 to make. EEEEEEE....due all around the same time. Good thing I have gone through all of my baby yarns and know what I have now. I need to get with it and make a plan.

babies Babies, babies everywhere...

If you haven't heard of these knitting needles they are great! I have some and recently ran across this review at Knitter's Review online.  I love to buy knitting needles, as I found out during my sewing/yarn room spring fling. I now have an entire flight bag full of needles. I need to get them all out and organize them. I'll put that on my list of things to do.


  1. Anonymous3/28/2008

    What a lovely way to reward yourself! I love the hat pattern you picked out for yourself. I'm hoping to make some sewn hats for myself this summer.

  2. Anonymous6/04/2009

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    best regard


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