Feng Shui my sewing room

I have enjoyed decluttering my sewing room so much, I have surprised myself. Now I often just go in to set and be peaceful. I am trying to find a color for the walls and decorating.

The room "feels" so much better now. I have become interested in Feng shui,

  • Keep places clear of clutter!
    One of the basics of Feng Shui is that everything should be kept in its place. Keep areas clear of clutter. Cluttered spaces will trap and slow down chi but will also give you a subconscious weighted down feeling. It sounds simple enough and it is! Clear off your desk, file those papers, go through that stack of books, etc. It will feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders and you will find that you can think more clearly as there is less subconscious worries about needing to "get to that someday" - get to it today so you can move on!

    Check out some Feng Shui  here!


    With that said, check out Lime and Violet's podcast Episode 52: What's in YOUR Dumpster? I was listening to this as I was walking my dogs. Yes my neighbors already think I am the crazy dog lady (crazy cat lady lives down the street), You too will laugh.



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    1. Congrats on getting your sewing room organized and the way you want it. Let the sewing projects begin!

    2. O the clutter thing is so true! I am in the middle of a mess. All the paperwork from Auntie's condo is at my house, specifically in the library/office. I don't even want to go in there! Piles here and bins there. Over there is a garbage sack that is too heavy to move so needs to be divided. And an extra chair is in front of the closet doors. I am slowly sorting it out and can't wait to be able to feel the peace come back to that room. In time.


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