Decluttering panic

After a mass emptying of all drawers, closets, bags, etc.. of my sewing, Internet, yoga room, I have a big, big mess, after a overwhelming panic attack, I set off to the library, (need to save my money for more stash, paint, and I suspect maybe a few beers).

Here is the books I choose:

Unclutter your Home, Unclutter Your life by Christopher Lowell Looks pretty and he promises that there are Seven Layers of Organization. Hummmmm, only 7? OK


1000 Best quick and easy organizing secrets by Jamie Novak I like this, promises to be quick and easy. LOL


The complete Idiot's Guide to Decluttering We will see....


Uncluttering Your Space by Ann T. Sullivan Nice neat pictures on the front.


So if you are organizationally challenged like me, come along on a scary trip, I will try and let you know if any of these books helped me. Or I just "closed the door".


Hopefully I will transform this to a calm oasis of creativity and peace.... OMMMMM

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