Spring flowers

We are predicted to get storms tonight, so I thought I better take advantage of the day and photo some of my spring flowers before they get beat up.

Knitting along on my hoodie, I had to rethink things, evidently watching basketball makes my gauge tighter. LOL

I had to rip back to the arm pits and recalculate things. I managed to tinker around until I came up with the idea to add a single crochet boarder to the front edges (which will be a zipper closure). I like the look and think it will actually turn out better, not so plain.

I lay the blame of the gauge problem on the Kansas/Davidson game. Worth it though.


  1. Anonymous3/31/2008

    pretty spring flowers!

    Tacoma florist

  2. Your daffodils look so pretty! I can't wait for mine to open up. Today is really warm (60F), so it won't be long now.


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