Organize and simplify

I have learned after going though enough clutter, the more I go through the more I can get rid of. I have donated, 4 truck loads of stuff, Oh the unlucky people that find the UFO's that I have recently amputated.

The books I checked out are helpful. I did learn that Christopher Lowell is helpful, I thought his would be the most fu-fu. But it turns out he must be a clutterholic, be still my heart. I started reading his book with new zest.

The 1000 best organizing tips, is just that, 1000, tips thrown at you willy, nilly, not much help. I feel like 50 different people are yelling tips at me, with no relation to where I am.

Uncluttering your space has actually been helpful, Ann T. Sullivan, takes you by the hand and leads you through the process of purging. I guess we have already binged, since we are reading this book.

I did have a friend give me Sink Reflections by Marla Cilly, this is an interesting book, accompanied by a Yahoo group, and a website, they call themselves Flybabies, or Flyladies, and tend to disolve into little purple puddles, (that is just trying to sell you more clutter to try and fix the clutter you have) That being said, I guess her theory is that you can do anything for 15 min a day. Exercise, clean, declutter, so of course get a timer, or buy it from her and give it a go. Mysteriously you must keep your shoes on, and shine your sink first. I went from extremely skeptical to, OK her has some pretty good ideas.
I do like her and her quirky brand of decluttering, a 27 fling boogie is a regular feature, and hot spots. If nothing else this made me laugh.
I have ended up removing all furniture but my sewing/computer table. A table for the parrot, (who has been singing for a week, previously nary a peep from him) and my vanity.
I have developed a theory that if I have a space I will fill it. LOL
So more pics soon.
I don't have as much stash as I thought.

I bought two closet shelving units, one is completely empty.

I have started on the basement. (what!!, stay in the sewing room!!!)

I'm leering at my closet in my bedroom (what!! see above)

And my hubby is also taking truckloads of things out of the garage and basement.

So it is catching, watch out you may read this and have the urge to toss all of your cosmetics away. (which I did, just look at some of the exp. dates and you will scare yourself)

Sooo, all natural, for now. Keep on knitting up your stash, and do a 27 fling boogie (this is running around the house with a bag and throwing things in that are setting around for no reason, don't look into the bag. When you reach 27, take it out to the garbage and don't look back.)


  1. Very good advice!!! Tomorrow is my cleaning day and I'm feeling the urge to do a little Spring cleaning myself. Love the Southwest purse. Very cute.

  2. Way to go! You will like the uncluttered look and feel and keep it that way. My house is very zen: no clutter.


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