Ditty bags, bowls and clutter

I have been trying to reorganize and declutter my sewing knitting room. I have made a few crochet bowls, that I am using as potted plant cozies.

And of course a few more ditty bags. Here is one with a Southwestern look. I added the stitches afterward, it looked a little plain to me.

Here is a small one for my camping husband.

Anyone that has any declutter, organizational tips, websites, etc..pass them on to me. I have gotten everything out of where it was, and now am in the middle of a mess. HELP..

This is just a small part of my "project" LOL

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  1. Oh my gosh, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Can you pretend it isn't there? If you ignore it long enough, will somebody else in your house tackle the mess? Do you know any good orgnanizers?
    Ugg, it looks like it could take days to root through. Good Luck!


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