Summer Knitty is out!

Check out this link for a look at the new Summer Knitty 2008


This time, beyond the patterns and articles, there's one extra thing
you'll want to read about: the Knitty Calendar Contest! You'll find
all the information here

Have you knit something from a Knitty pattern? Yahoo! You're eligible to enter!


Have FUN!!

Enter, or just enjoy!


  1. Anonymous6/16/2008

    I Love Knitty and always look forward to it coming out (although I've never actually made anything from the patterns - must rectify that one soon!)
    I've tagged you on my blog - http://jo2308.typepad.com/ looking forward to hearing all you've got to say
    Jo xx

  2. Thank you for clueing me in on the contest. Hum - my pictures of Clapotis are terrible - maybe I'll take new ones and submit that! What fun! You will have to let us know what you are submitting!


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