More cool spinning links!

Oh dear, I am totally living in spinning and spindle world now.

Check out these links:

How to make a Cigar Box Charkha

Make your own Great little Wheel from materials from your home supply store

A tutorial on how to make a cotton spindle from a chop stick and a radish From African Crafts

How to make your own supported spindle from Spindle City.com

How to make and use a bead whorl spindle also from Spindle City

From Hankering for Yarn blog , what she decided to use to spin her silk for a wedding shawl

From Marnie speaks! Good Girl blog how to make a travel case for your spindle!

The Joy of Handspinning, all kinds of good info.

Evidently the origins of spinning fiber to make string or yarn are lost in time, traced back as far as the Upper Paleolithic era, which is over 20,000 years ago.

How fitting that when spinning, we also get lost in time. I am just learning, slow and clumsy. Yet, while sitting in the living room, as my DH watches TV, reads or draws, I find myself looking at the clock and two hours have passed.

I am a longtime knitter, and I also crochet and sew. But this process is unlike any I have tried. My friend at KnittedGems remarked to me how different it was mentally. I have heard the rule "don't sew after 8 p.m. unless you plan on ripping it out, (this must have been coined by a morning person)" But no matter how tired I am I can pick up my spinning and spin for quite sometime.

It has taken the place of my "TV or movie knitting". I always needed something relatively mindless to knit and relax. It is totally absorbing for me (right now anyway, maybe later I will be able to multitask and actually chew gum while spinning), no wonder Penelope could spin all day (I prefer to think she was spinning vs: weaving), day after day the same material to delay her suitors.


  1. it was fun to see that lynn at http://knittedgems.com/ is also someone you follow! Keep on knitting (until about 7 PM). Nancy

  2. I would like to be a spinner too! I have actually subscribed to SpinSpin but am still waiting for my first magazine. I can't wait to see your handspun!


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