Spinning and Dyeing book reviews

Spin to knit by Shannon Okey is a wonderful book. I think this book has all of the info a beginning spinner needs in one book.

It is very detailed; I am interested in spinning yet know little about it.

It starts out with an introduction into equipment, swift, ball winder, wpi gauge, niddy-noddy, yarn meter, McMorran Balance, and Nostepinne.

Chapter one: It then gives a good fiber introduction. Breeds, Fiber formats, and Carding. Chapter two: Covers Spindles. Chapter three: Wheels. Chapter four: Getting started, there is detailed info on how to start with your fiber before you spin. How to spin with a spindle, she takes it step by step, with photos. Then the same with a wheel. Yarn Twists and Plying. Chapter five: Handspun yarn. Chapter six: Color and Embellishments. Chapter seven: What to do with all of your yarn.

A nice selection of patterns, my favorites are the socks (Pippi socks from Symeon North, check out this Knitty article and her blog), A felted Mammoth Tea Cozy by Laura Jefferson (lovely and fun).

There is a page about Catherine Goodwin and her Spindolyn at knittinganyway.com (this looks very interesting, check out her video on it, if you haven't heard of this). This looks so interesting I believe I may order one of these. Is there anyone out there with one?

A Shawl pattern: Copper Moose Shawl by Crystal Canning (very nice!) see more at coppermoose.com.

Along with many other great people and patterns.

I would recommend this book, to a beginner, it really explains and shows what spinning is about (great photos on all of the how-to’s), and maybe the more advanced would be interested in the large pattern variety.

Dyeing to Knit by Alaine Eskesen

A comprehensive book on color, color relationships, dyeing procedures, design and patterns.

Lovely photos. I don't dye, but enjoyed reading about it.

I loved the Pattern section, my favorite patterns, Basic Beret, and the Winter Shawl.

Beautiful book, I would recommend it just for the info and photos alone

Interesting links I ran across:

This is an interesting link on how to make a drop spindle from a bamboo skewer and poster board or a cereal box. A Lisa Ultralight. This link also has beautiful Judi spindle making instructions.

Of course we have all seen CD spindles, here is a link, however this is the best link I located.

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  1. Anonymous6/17/2008

    Oh wow, I wish I could get deeply enough into yarn to do this stuff. I think it would be so fun. Alas, as I said on my blog, I'm still puzzling over sock patterns and trying to make sense of using so many needles. I fear i shall not succeed. Oh and congrats to your hubby for getting his sculture placed! I adore and love art. I'll skip over and take a look at it after this comment!


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