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I recently bought the book Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting. It is a great book.

The part that really got my attention was when she was talking about a product knitter vs a process knitter. I had never thought about this before.

Over the years, I have done all kinds of needle work, sewing, crochet, rug hooking, weaving, etc... I have enjoyed all of it, but wondered how I could spend hours and hours, weeks, months even and then when I was done. Taaa Daaa, toss the item aside after admiring it.

This always worried me a little bit, until I read her book. Then I realized, "I am a process knitter (or fill in craft of your choice)".

This is why I give it away, sell at craft fairs, and Etsy. After I'm done most of it doesn't interest me much.

Of course there are a few pieces that I do keep and wear, but they are the basic, timeless pieces. Traditional quilt patterns, Cardigans, scarves, etc...

I think the one thing I keep for myself and knit for myself are socks, (I have given one pair away to my mother-in-law) and of course baby socks/booties don't count.

I love hand knitted socks, I have a whole basket of them. They make me feel happy and my feet cozy.

They make me smile....

My latest socks, from the book 2-at-a-Time Socks: Revealed Inside. . . The Secret of Knitting Two at Once on One Circular Needle Works for any Sock Pattern!


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  1. Here here from yet another process knitter!

  2. Anonymous6/10/2008

    I think I'm a product crafter, which explains a lot to me. I have no absolute favorite, and I usually use the results in my own home. I dream of making a little extra spending money, but alas seem too lazy to devote much time.
    I've got everything to make socks, and am scared to start, assuming that I won't get the directions. 5 needles? My husband says the pictures look plain strange.

  3. I saw a comment from you on Melissa-Knits and just had to come over and say hi because I'm also a dragonfly Vicki!

  4. That is an amazing coincidence. Two Vicki's both knitters both dragonflies...and both read my blog??

    Awesome socks. Love that 2 at a time on one long circular part! But then I may be biased. ;)

  5. That's so funny. I'm a total project knitter. I want it done so I can wear it - yeah! I find it very hard to give my handknits away :(

  6. I think it's great to read books by someone who does your craft. It's like talking to them, "oh, yeah, I do that too!"


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