Spinning, and spinning some more

We have been caught up in lots of yard work. We had our tallest White Pine, which was a 4 split trunk, about 55 ft tall, spilt in a storm. But it didn't fall, simply split and stayed standing. It has been a "edge of the chair" wait for the ground to dry so we could get it cut down.

That was today. Hot, humid, lots of lemonade making, and ice and water for the boys. I am really sad to see it go. But all things come to an end. Now our back yard looks bigger and we have some sun in the yard.

Of course this involved tearing apart a large raised bed, surrounded by stones, so we could get in to get it. As of now, all of my plants are setting around wilting. I will work on that tomorrow, out of time today.

I did find some time to spin. Not much, I am increasing in speed, a little, you can laugh at my results. My first attempts were so heinous I pitched them.

This spindle is from Hatchtown Farm, it is a dream to spin with, excellent, and I love it.

This is the first spindle I got. Actually made by my DH, I finally figured out this time that I have better luck with it supported.

I know its not much, but somehow I am online shopping for more roving, there is quite a few sellers on Etsy with beautiful hand painted. And EEK, I bought this!! How did that happen?  Marie this is beautiful, where have you gotten your roving?

I also found this Wedsite, I can spin.com. Lots of information and videos that you can watch that covers quite a bit of spinning and spinning related info. Nice for me as I can find no one locally that does any spinning, and/or selling of spinning items.


  1. This is one nice looking Hatchtown spindle. Thanks for posting all those spinning links. Isn't spinning a ton of fun?

  2. I don't have any pretty roving. Mine is all undyed. The pretty dyed rovings I received were very small and came free with the Jenkins spindle I ordered. However, I have been given a few good links to websites that have pretty rovings for sale:
    Have fun shopping!

  3. Anonymous6/24/2008

    Wow, so glad you are doing the spinning.I truly envy you, but I know I could never justify the expense, I just get bored so fast and have to move to a new craft.

    sorry about the tree. We had to take down a large one to the west of our house this year. Since we live with hundreds, its not such a big deal, still, I mourn the dear thing. It was a huge soft maple.


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