Spinning update..

I am actually using this spindle as a supported spindle, I have my eye on some Spindle Bowls from the Knit Witch.


Doing fairly well with this spindle has excellent balance, got this from Hatchtown Farm

Yes, I couldn't resist, I bought the Spindolyn, I love it, it only took about 15 min to get the hang of it. Check out her link and video, even if you are not planning on buying one it is interesting.

My roving came from Etsy, I bought it from Cjkopeccreations.etsy.com. It is very soft, I can't wait to get started on it.

Almost done with this, just putting the ruffle on. Sursa Shawl, look here for more variations.


This is how far I have gotten on the Lola Bunny Love, I am having fun knitting this. I am planning on getting the face on this weekend. Was planning on using child safe locking eyes and nose, but after some consideration, remembered that the sister of the baby I am making it for, has the record at the local ER for removing objects from her tummy, (she is a Trisomy 18 and CP child) so I don't want to be the cause of more ER visits. So the plan is to embroider the features on the face. (We well see how that turns out)

Until later....



  1. Woo hoo!!! Knit Witch spindle bowls! I have heard they are the BEST spindle bowls around!! :)

  2. I think those spindolyns sound really neat. Off to check out that Etsy store now, even though I shouldn't......

  3. Your spinning looks fantastic! And so does the pretty roving. I'm off to check out the Etsy store too.

    I've put my spinning aside for a few days until I finish my tree skirt. I'm so close I can taste it!

  4. Looks like you are doing a great job with the Hatchtown spindle. I'm anxious to see how you like the spindolyn after you have used it several times. It really looks like a nice spindle.

  5. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Looks like you're spinning is going wonderfully. Bravo!
    Cheers, Jenny


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