Handcrafted gifts for a baby explosion

Seems like everyone I know is pregnant. I have made several baby blankets, now I am tired of making those and have switched to stuffed animals.

Of course along with the gifts comes attending baby showers.

That means, playing the games, drinking that punch (sherbet, pineapple juice and sprite), nuts, mints and cake. After we are all sugar overloaded then it's on to the gifts.

It is amazing the response from giving a handcrafted gift.

1) Opens it up and looks, looks again, is this handmade????

2) Did YOU make this for ME? (OK now I'm the one that knits at work breaks, lunches and tries to slip it in on every occasion that I am idle)

3) Everyone else in the room turns looks, who made that? Points.

4) Then I have a variety of people approach me afterwards.

    a) the beginning knitters, (6th grade was the youngest), this group wants to know pattern, yarn, asks me knitting questions.

    B) the "I wouldn't have the time or patience to do that" but would like to.

    c) there is often one of these, "Well I guess it was cheaper to make it"

    d) and of course the knitter group, grandmothers with gnarled hands, who can't knit anymore or haven't, women that use to knit but are busy with children, jobs etc.., or current knitters that realize that it is the love of doing the knitting that keeps us at it.

Life often gets in the way, we put projects aside, I have put knitting on hold for years before, but always come back to it.

Not matter if we are handcrafting scrapbooks, beading, fiber, yarn or whatever else your heart desires, keep at it. In this time that we live in, where anything we can imagine is available at a superstore, handcrafted items are appreciated, maybe even more than we can imagine.


  1. Everyone I know loves handmade gifts, it's the time and effort behind that make it special.

    Talking about knitting getting finished after years, just finished a cardigan that has been on the needles for about 10 years. Mind you I didn't start it.

  2. I'm making a birthday gift for a friend of mine too! It'll be the first time, since I just started crocheting... But it really does feel good! I can't wait to finish and give it to her! I want to know what her reaction will be.

  3. I've heard them all too. I think I hate 'B' the most. My own dear friend said it to me. Her exact statement was "I am a doctor. I don't have time to knit." Yet, she has time to go out and catch every movie that is released."

  4. Before becoming a knitting fanatic I was a huge rubber stamping fan. Loved to make gift cards, halloween treat bags, etc. I haven't touched my box of supplies in years - but maybe this Fall I'll do the Halloween bags again. Thanks for reminding me there are "other" crafts! PS I don't like to think my hands will ever be too gnarled to knit....

  5. Oh this is all so true. Especially B. Patience...knitting has taught me patience. Knitting allows me to be patient. I can sit through anything, as long as I have my knitting with me. Excellent post, Vicki.

  6. I just gave her the present this morning. She said she likes it very much!

  7. Keeping up with your hobbies sometimes can be hard if you work full time. I'd rather crochet then watch the mindless reality shows on tv right now. I love making handmade gifts and seeing the reaction of people! I think handmade gifts are the best gifts cause you've spent hours making it and not minutes purchasing it.


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