A Very Red Thanksgiving


I have been coloring my hair since I was in my 20’s, graying early and not loving it. I opted for color. Twice I have grown my hair out, and only left it for about 2 weeks, to return to the bottle.

001 (2) I’m outside so much my hair bleaches out very light, and tends to have a strawberry blond cast to it.

My lymph nodes in my neck swelled up and my doctor suggested that it was due to my hair color. So the research into henna began. I liked the natural side to it, and if you get tattoo grade henna, the color is fabulous. (so they say)

All of my research has also captured the attention of a co worker and we are going to jump into this adventure together.

Like Lucille Ball a blonde that is about to go red. I can only hope we look as good, not like Bozo

The best henna side I have found is: Henna for Hair

It explains more than you every wanted to know about henna. So our henna is in the main and on the way…

Nov 17th, Yes Henna in the mail.

Nov 24th evening, we have let our henna and lemon juice mix “release” its’ dye for about 20 hours, now we mix some ground cloves, ground cinnamon brewed in chamomile tea into the paste.

We have beer and are ready to apply, “warning, you should not drink and dye”

001 006

Rachel and myself, ready to get started, this was a long and gooey process…..lasting about 4 hours to apply to both of us.

013 021

Me getting henna applied, and then Rachel, of course we have help.

029034 It takes a long time for longer hair, after application we wrap in saran wrap, cover and let sit for around 4 hours.

We need pizza now, and have switched to Mountain Dew….037

This is me after I rinse it out, brace yourself

042 Brighter than I had planned on.

No photo of Rachel yet, the Henna will darken over the next 3-5 days, as the Lawsone migrates from the henna into the hair shaft and binds with the keratin.

image image

At first, henna may seem coppery bright. Don't panic. (OK, this is my mantra at the moment, don’t panic, don’t panic….This will darken during the next several days if you used an acidic mix.

Your hair will take 3 days to settle into the true color. This is an oxidation process like a cut apple turning brown when left out in the air. Be patient and do not panic. OK, don’t panic…..

Any words of wisdom out there from some veteran henna users?


Crap I keep scaring myself, here I am in my Aran Shrug. See free pattern here.

Keep knitting, and Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. ummm, henna. I once used henna to color my hair. Like you, I did it with a friend - I did her hair, she did mine. We did not have beer. Her hair turned out a beautiful dark brown. And mine? Well, let's just say that GREEN isn't my best color. She told me the same thing - don't panic. So I wore a hat to work for 3 days. On the 4th day, the green had calmed down, but I still had a noticeable halo of older, a little browner, but still grassy green.

    I do box color now. Better brassy than grassy.

  2. I hennaed once. It looked like a goose came and shit in my bathtub. 'course I did it alone and had to lean over the tub to get it all in. My darker blonde hair with red highlights just became auburn after that application. Didn't do it again because of the awful mess. You made in LOL! Here's luck to you...

  3. I look forward to seeing the end result. I read another blogger about a year ago who switched to henna and her hair looks great so I wouldn't panic yet if I were you.

    I'm trying to go natural because my son has never seen my real hair color and has requested it. Plus, I'm so tired of the process. I suspect there is a lot of silver waiting to make its appearance. :-)

  4. I'll be waiting to see the end result, too! Actually, I'm waiting for the day you can take a "Red Hair" or "Auburn Hair" pill, lol.

    I like your "little scarves for my little people" idea!

    Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

  5. Red is a hard color to master so I've heard. I have grey trying to sneak its way into my head of hair, but I refuse to do anything about it. I doubt I'll ever look as distinguished as my husband, but at least we'll match. =)
    You could just knit yourself a hat to wear in the meantime.

  6. Just did this over bleached hair. My hair is orange. I just ordered some Amla to try and tone it down. If that doesn't work I plan to buy some Lush "caca Marron" henna blend for a more auburn tint....

  7. Just did this over bleached hair. My hair is orange. I just ordered some Amla to try and tone it down. If that doesn't work I plan to buy some Lush "caca Marron" henna blend for a more auburn tint....


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