More dyed yarn

In the attempt to get a different look to my dyed yarn, I tried to dip the yarn into separate dye pots. Wow, I love the look, clean colors, more definition.  I used this article from Knitty to guide me.


Of course it is more work. My hats off to all of you who hand paint yarn!

I started with some vibrant shades of violet and green. I couldn’t find what I wanted and ended up using this tutorial on food coloring. From Spindle and Wheel.

I used the Neon food colors that I found at a baking shop. They came in a paste. The mixing was quite a bit of trial and error. To come up with the right color and salt/vinegar mixture, this resulted in lots of little bundles of dyed yarn, and several pages of notes.

007 I wanted the colors fairly close together to get a nice repeat when knitted. Wheee…This really exercised my arm muscles, dipping into the green, I tried to make five different bands of color. Then the purple, also five bands.

Then wrap it all up into saran wrap and microwave it for 2 min or so. (I wanted to do this solar but the weather was rainy for about 10 days)


After heating, let cool in the sink, after completely cool, wash with cool water and hang to dry.

010 022

After drying, this is what I have.

001Time to rewind it.

Then reskeined it looks like this…


In a center pull ball.

003 004 (2)

Ready to ship out and be knitted up…

Enjoy experimenting with your own colors!


  1. That is so pretty and feminine. Very spring-like.

  2. Wow Vicki you have a natural talent for dying! Your color combos and how they repeat are just lovely.

    I'm not good color and have to work very hard to overcome the temptation to combing colors like bright purple and neon yellow. It's taken years of practice to chose more suitable colors. Although my little dog did love that blanket.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I learn so much from you. Now if I can just get the mojo to actually put some of it into action. :-)

  4. OOOHHH! I like that. Pink and green go great together. I believe you are a natural born dyer.

  5. I love those colors! And I imagine they will make a beautiful something--socks?

  6. Wow, these are so nice! And it looks like it would be fun to work with this. Thanks for the links, too.


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