This and that…recycle it


I hate to throw things away, I’m always looking for other uses for things, here are a few I like

Altoids Tin Gardens from Gomi Style

If you must cut a sock apart, this is a good reuse for it from Design Sponge, Argyle Sock Vases

Monica at Crafty Nest shows how to make a craft tool station and wall organizer “from crap from the curb”

I thought this was interesting (but would never do this), recycle leaves by folding them into roses from Craftgossip.com

But I do love the tiny little cards made from treasured bits by Designing Moms

Recycle your old tee shirt into a diaper/nappy, very cute! From Natural Violet.

Bleach Stenciling from Craftbits.com Hey I clean with bleach I thought could be a great “save” for those accidents to my clothes.

Carton Wallet from family fun, I would actually make this.

How about this, cereal is expensive, get some more use out of the box, here are five things you can do with a cereal box (gift bag and magazine holder are the best) from How Stuff Works

Enjoy and repurpose something today….

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