This and that…or getting ready for the holidays


A few links from me to you.

From the Make It Do It blog, a tutorial on making a snowman kit, this is a cute and easy gift you your and your kids to make and give.

From Swiss Miss how to make your own ink jet tattoo paper. How fun would this be?

To get into the Christmas spirit, how about this easy, and adorable patchwork star from Linaloo

From Hope studios a tutorial on how to sew a scrunchy gathered scarf from fabric, we have all knitted them, this looks fast and cute.

From All Things Heart and Home a how to on making expensive looking hurricane lamps for your holiday table

From Jan’s Free content a how to on making some greeting cards without card making software

If you live in the heartland like I do, you MUST have a casserole carrier. People make them like crazy, we buy them at every craft show, we take food to everyone, we don’t care! Funeral=need food, wedding=food, sad=food, celebration=food, in doubt?=bring food, any group of people getting together=yes we need food. This is a great all around casserole cover from Craftown.com

This is a great tutortial on how to make a cuff for that edgy friend, it is from the Think Crafts Blog contributed by , Anitra from the blog Coffee Pot People (which you have to check out)



  1. Thanks for the links. The patchwork star is really cute!

  2. Thank you ever so much for the linky love! I'm going to check out the others you've listed! Happy Weekend~
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. Very cool links!

    Re las curandera on my blog - I'm not skeptical of Wicca or any other spiritual belief, but some of this stuff they do here honestly smacks of quackery. I think it completely depends upon what the individual believes, but also I know that a good number of these "healers" prey on people's superstitions.

  4. Thanks for all these great links! I'm really loving your blog.


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