Happy toes and feet


Up this dark, and rainy morning and am reminded of how knitted items are so comforting. I have bought many a house shoe, slipper, and sock, to warm my perennially cold toes. But it wasn’t until I finally knit some wool socks that I came to believe in the miracle of wool as a perfect fiber. Now I understand those knitters are that sockaholics.

This pattern is from Fiber Trends, the felted clog pattern (price around $5.00). I did use the Fiber Trends suede soles (ave price $15-20, look around, you can usually find some on sale) the soles really make the clogs last. They are worth the investment! I knitted mine clogs all in Malabrigo, (yes I’m a Malabrigo freak).

I have knitted two of these clogs, and just follow the pattern, keep going, it will look unbelievably large, but remember they are going to felt and become warm and long lasting. [rav link here] [flickr photos here]

felted fiber trends clogs

Remember cold weather is upon us and we all need warm feet. 

Oh no, upon looking at the Fiber Trends site I found another pattern, the “Felted House Bootie Kit with Handpainted Wool”$29.95 (but it is a kit, in lots of available color choices)  *tempting*, I usually don’t buy kits, but this one looks good, especially for a quick to knit gift.

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies

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