Brewing up a rainbow….

Do what you love, love what you do…

I have an Etsy shop and have tried to sell several different items in it. Maybe it was the items, my lack of enthusiasm, the economy or another variable, it never really took off.

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Quite by accident, I started dyeing my hand spun fiber. One night on Plurk I posted some of my fiber and a woman went wild over it, and insisted I could sell it. I was just having some fun though, and ignored her.

017 003

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Then another woman contacts me and wants me to make her some hand dyed yarn. so I do and sell it to her. After that I start getting all kinds of requests!!

My knitting is on the back burner right now, and my husband is extremely tolerant, with dyeing and yarn all over the kitchen. Dinner? What you want to eat?

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 005 006

Moral to the story, life is short, thanks to all of the knitters and dyers online that have helped me on my way!

Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today.  ~James Dean 

Now I’ve started a new Etsy shop, trying things out over on ArtFire and have my older Etsy shop, which I am working on some new items for, more on that later.




May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. congratulations on making the sales! one thing leads to another, you know, and soon you'll be running your etsy shops full time! Networking, networking...

  2. It's magic when people connect with what they love ~ your colorwork is gorgeous ~ and everyone who sees the mittens knit in your yarn absolutely swoons over how beautiful they are!

  3. Gorgeous, and lovely, and beautiful! Congratulations on the sales, but I can sure see why you're getting them!

    On knitting: Would it really be that simple? Just the way I'm ending/turning the row? That would really be the coolest. Maybe after the holidays I'll let myself try knitting again!

  4. You go girl.
    Good luck with all three shops.


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