Navajo plying

I read about Navajo plying recently and found a couple of videos on You tube. This on is good, and here is another from the Yarn Wench

It was easy to start out and I got the hang of it. I had a small amount of roving left of a color way and decided to try it.

Here are my results

009 I love the look of it and will do more. It has a slightly braided/twisted look.

Give it a try, it is fun.

Here is some more spinning I have going

015 Some orange that I am going to ply with a little 014teal blend added in.

This is going to be blended into a yoke for a sweater. It was all orange with a solid teal for the rest of the body. But I decided that looked too harsh.010 I like the added color it looks a little softer.

I also spun some reddish/pink singles that I am thinking of Navajo plying 005

May your knitting needles (or spinning wheel) fly as fast as Dragonflies….


  1. I love Navajo plying. Just don't do enough of it. Your's looks great. Your spinning looks great. Hard to believe you have been wheel spinning less than a year. I think you have taken to spinning like duck to water.

  2. Hello from Nouméa
    Thanks for sharing


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