Knitting a Birdhouse.. Why not?

I found some wire while cleaning the house. After looking at it for awhile I started getting twitchy fingers. "What could I knit with wire?"

A few swatches later, I decided a birdhouse was in order.

There is a technique for knitting with wire, I "pulled" each stitch to make it loose. Also at the end of each row, pull the stitches away from the needle that they are on, and flatten and shape the wire.

You will understand after trying it.

Warning: Wire can be sharp, I did get poked several times, be careful.


Needles: Metal 14" size 11 us (I haven't used these since I knitted a burnt orange scarf, I won't even tell you what year that was}

Wire: Floral wire, one bundle 24 gauge (from .99-1.99 at a craft store)

Wire: 18 gauge, I got this from Home Depot, sturdy enough for skeletal support of your house.

Wire cutters, or those sturdy kitchen scissors

Optional: crochet hook size K, or other large size.

Cast on (loose) 24 sts.

Now knit every row for a bit, the first two rows are the hardest, don't give up yet.

Keep knitting it gets easier now

OK, now you have the hang of it! We keep knitting every row until it is long enough to suit you.

(the sides will come together to make a tube, the first and last row will be the back and front of the house}

Long enough? OK now we get the 20gauge wire out and thread it through your last row of stitches.

Now we cut that off and bend it back.

Take your 24 gauge wire and cut it off, leaving it long enough to "stitch" up your tube. Just tuck the end in when done.

Make one or two more skeletal supports for the house one at the other end, and you may need one in the middle if you made your house long.

Add two more 20 gauge wires running from end to end, to keep your house from shrinking back on itself. Cut and bend wires back onto themselves.

Attach one piece of 24 gauge wire, and thread back and forth, weaving an end to your house.

I made a front "hole" for my bird house by using a large crochet hook and sc around the front for 2 rows, stitching in every other stitch.

If you don't want to do this, you could leave it open, or "weave" another end, just around the edges.

You can add a pre bought chain, use a string to hang the house.

I used a K size crochet hook and chained a "chain" to hang it by (with the 24 gauge wire)

Cut the wire and bend it back into the house.

Hang your house up now, and watch the fun begin!

If you make one or have comments or problems, let me know!!

May your needles fly as fast as dragonflies

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  1. This is remarkable. I must try it, thanks for the step by step tutorial!

  2. what an interesting idea! if I had a place to hang one, I'd do it. but they don't encourage things like birdhouses around here. Mostly we have tons and tons of pigeons...and uuuufffff...what a mess they are.

  3. You amaze me.
    How ever did you come up with this idea?

    I hope a bird will take up resident in it. Keep us posted.

  4. What an awesome idea. You might want to add some bits of fiber in there to get the birds started :)

  5. Nice!!! Can't wait to see the occupants.


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