This and that, searching for inspiration and gluebooks

Off today and have a list of "things to do". I've been in a cleaning mood lately, so I'm going with it. Clearing away and decluttering, I have found I can not be creative if my house (especially my sewing room) get too messy. I clean and this room ends up, well a catch all for everything that does not get to its proper place.

So, needless to say, no knitting has occurred yet. I am working on a gluebook.

Thanks to Paula the Quilter,

*take any kind of journal, book whatever. It can be printed or not
*take magazines and cut out words or pictures that appeal to you
*glue the cut outs to pages in your book
*add journaling or not, check some out here.


Flicker group here.

Or see Artjunkgirl's blog and GoMakeSomething here

Spring Knitty is out!! Inspiration here.

Don't forget KnittySpin.

The Yarn Harlot has a new book out!

This looks interesting. Highlighted by Knitters Review, A Go Knit Pouch. You can buy here or see more details about it, comes in sizes for every project you have. I am seriously looking at this because the best yarn bag I had was free, a cheap backpack that was made of nylon.

I usually wear mineral makeup (bare essentials) but am looking at some etsy mineral makeup, I've heard good things about his one, Lighthouse minerals. Once I started wearing it, I couldn't go back to traditional foundation. She offers sample kits that let you try it out, and they are reasonable.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the link to the mineral makeup. Love your table in your art room...yea, I have the "catch all" syndrome, can't get to my knitting table for the piles of otherstuff I took in there because I didn't know what to do with it..maybe I should clean in the other direction! make the coffee table the catch all, call that stuff my muse destroyers...welcome to my living room and my muse destroyer table.

  2. I'm with you on the clutter thing!!

  3. Love the gluebook idea! Kinda like decopa (sp?) but only easier to do. I'm going to look at the flickr group for ideas....like I'm not supposed to be doing anything else...

    Your room looks very inviting to me. I say if a craft room is too tidy that's not a good thing either - LOL


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