Spring cleaning and spinning wheel shopping

Off this weekend and spring cleaning!

There is nothing like cleaning out and tossing the old. Making way for the new and fresh. Both in life and in your house.

I was drinking coffee with my husband this morning and I overheard a man talking to a women. He says "I was weighed down by his physiological aura", well I'm not sure what he was talking about but I have felt like I was in a big funk for several months.

Last night I had vibrant dreams, I was a person who had been hoarding in my house for years, trying to clean it out. I woke up, finally...., and decided this morning I needed to spring clean.  There is nothing like cleaning the dust and dirt from the winter out. Opening up the windows and clearing out clutter! Good smells and fresh air.

I don't consider my self a especially organized person or a clean freak. However, after these dreams and my BIG funk, I have been thinking........my beloved grandmother was a hoarder. I didn't realize this until I watched an Oprah show (Ha, everything Oprah discovers is life changing) Yes, my loving grandmother was a hoarder, my mother OCDC, clean freak. I guess between the two of them, I have inherited the genes to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Long story short, after a couple months of not finding any motivation for home or creating. I was hurled into a cleaning organizing frenzy. (and painting is on my agenda) Ha, I'm a listmaker.....

I now feel a relief and my space feels cleaner. I started spinning on a spindle, due to Knitted Gems!! Now I'm spinning wheel shopping. Thanks to Spin, Knit and Life (spinner and knitter) for all of her encouragement and advice on wheels, (and eye candy!!) I now realize I feel like I have room for a wheel and am ready to buy one!!

I have been watching YouTube videos of wheels and talking and emailing people with wheels. I found this great article from Abby's Yarns, she has a wealth of info of all things yarny, and spinny.

So, I actually just checked out at the Paradise Fibers website with a wheel. More to come on that later.....

Until then....

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies......



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  1. I think I should do like you and spring clean my room. It seriously needs it...

  2. Could you come over to my house? My husband is a hoarder... YIKES!!!

    Tara * 3 Rexes



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