Lendrum spinning wheel arrives (my first wheel)

I ordered a spinning wheel. It was a big decision with lots of dithering involved. This article from Abby's Yarns helped me, thanks Abby! And my spinning mentor at Spin, Knit and Life, go look at her handspun, and she quilts also, Thanks Phyllis! {She also has an Etsy shop with handspun, batts and other yummy items}.  I had the idea it had to be the "perfect wheel" for me. Then a light bulb went off, everyone that spins does not have just one spindle or (eek) wheel. So with that thought, I decided that my first wheel would be a Lendrum.

I tried it out at a Fiber festival last year, and the girl (sorry I forgot your name, I was in fiber overload) was just sitting there spinning in a group, she was so chatty and nice. She was in love with her wheel and it showed. She chatted away about drive ratios, scotch tension, double drive. As a result I fell in love with it also.

I tried only several spinning wheels, but the one I liked the best was a Lendrum, I wanted a double treadle, but settled on a single treadle, (due to price).  I also tried a Babes, but I couldn't get past the PVC, very affordable and nice to spin on, but, well...I needed some wood.  I liked the Louet's also, and realized I wasn't buying a piece of furniture, but in a way I was. It will be in the house, can you love a wheel that isn't your style?  Modern lines vs: classic, your style is reflected in everything that is you, cloths to landscaping. Orderly, random, colors and shapes. So one Saturday night, after looking into our finances, I decided to buy the Lendrum.

I ordered it from Paradise Fibers, the customer service was stellar, it comes with a DVD illustrating everything that you need to know.

Arrived via UPS after an especially trying day at work. A much needed break.

What the heck?? Made by "the bag lady", and it's beautiful!! She makes drop spindle bags, along with a variety of other bags.

Now what...I think I'll just have to have a cup of coffee and look at it for awhile...Smiles...

Pop this in, and we are up and ready to go...

This is my first attempt, but am learning from books, Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning by Judith MacKenzie McCuin, and Start Spinning by Maggie Casey. The two I found that were most helpful to begin with.

So after 2 hours of practice, I feel like I am on my way to making yarn!!

Funny, for years I have bought Spin Off magazine and read spinning books. I always wanted to spin. It was a long path from the idea to a spindle and finally my wheel. All along the way, my desire to spin yarn increased.

More results soon...

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  1. WooHoo! Congratulations on your new wheel! Your yarn singles look great! So totally not fair...mine looked like a bag of sick worms for the longest time. Are you completely addicted to it yet?

    Show us more spinning! We ant more! We want more! :o)

  2. Congratulations Vicki,
    I'm so excited for you. Isn't it fun? Your spinning looks just like it should. You are going to have years of fun with that wheel. That's a nice bag also.
    Thanks for the blog mention.

  3. Oh, congratulations. Dive in and have a blast!

    My first wheel was an Ashford traditional, because a friend had one I could get in trade, no cash at all. I had it for a few years and it worked fine, but I don't like traditional turned wood.

    I was able to rent two different Louets from Spinners Flock guild, one for a month and one the next month... and I always adored the Louet with the disk/off-center hole style (S10). I just love how it looks.

    So... a friend wanted my Ashford "if I ever gave it up." And another friend had an S10 he didn't need, and needed cash more. So I saved a little money, sold my Ashford to my friend, and gave 2nd friend the saved money plus the proceeds from the first wheel.

    I have one wheel. I don't spin much, but it's my one fiber-related skill that I do only for me, not for work. My house is small and one wheel is enough, given how little I use it.

    My wheel likes making fat yarn, and I like spinning fat yarn, and so we are well suited. I think things worked out perfectly for my needs.

    May you enjoy your wheel as much as possible! I think it's such a relaxing thing to do!!!

  4. Congrats on buying your first wheel. You lucky devil, you. I expect to see oodles of gorgeous handspun yarn on this blog now!


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