This and That (looking for inspiration and spring)

Here are some cool things I found while I was searching for some inspiration and lusting after spring.Check these out:

Love Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden? Who doesn't? According to Knitter's Review here is a knockoff of that yarn Boku from Plymouth. In this economy it may allow us to make some things that are on our "wish list". If anyone uses this, please let me know!

Check out their free patterns also!!

I can see this simple crochet flower added to a purse or make it into a pin! That way you can move it to whatever item you want. Thanks to Lion Brand Yarn.

From Berroco here is a free pattern for a nice cardigan, I think this would be perfect for some cool spring days. I like the lattice looking stitch on the bodice, it makes me want to plant some morning glories. (that means I would have to knit this in blue, ha, my favorite color)

From Hello Yarn check out this pattern for socks! Skull socks of Fury.

This felted laptop bag is nice and soft. The pear design on it is fresh and springy, I think even I could knit this up quickly.

From Mimo Knits, here is a free coffee cup cozy

For some inspiration read Spelling Tuesday, she is dying wool and knitting it up.

GlittyKnittyKitty just plain made me smile!

May your needles fly as fast as Dragonflies...


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  1. So glad to see you back to posting. I went to a Fiber Fest yesterday (it is the first year for it and it is sponsored by the 4H. Any way, there was a booth with felted and beaded flowers made into pins. It made me think about how cute that would be on this hat. Just got this pattern, btw. Gotta remember to add a felted flower.

  2. Love the flower and the bag in the bottom pic!! Very nice blog.

  3. I too have been hunting for a fun spring project. Something light and fun. Though the praticality of the laptop bag has me wooed.


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