Syd and Surgery

We have been majorly stressed out at my house. It has been a rapid trip starting with the discovery of a small tumor on my male dog, Syd, after looking at bumps on the internet, (thank goodness for Dr. Google), I was convinced that it was a Mast Cell Tumor.


I was going to just dismiss it, due to the fact that it was about the size of a large pea, but we have always owned dogs, and this one sent my inner voice whispering. Better safe than sorry.  So I made an appointment with my Vet and got in that day!

The vet did a fine needle aspirate, suspecting that it was a mast cell tumor, and after looking at it in the microscope decided it was, it was sent off for a closer look to a vet lab.

They recommended surgery, with wide margins taken to try and get it all, evidently the tumor can be just one of the symptoms of Mast Cells Cancer.

When we picked Syd up, we discovered a much larger incision than we had expected, the vet ended up taking about an orange size of skin, lymph nodes and tissue out of his groin area. He had three incisions, coming to a intersection.

Long story short, after daily vet visits, and an infection, and stitches being ripped open, with much swelling and oozing and bleeding. We now have a boat load of meds, and are keeping him sedated. He has a dime size hole where the incisions come together that we have to apply some antibiotic into, and yes even sedated, that is a party, gurrrr…

But thankfully the prognosis came back good. Although the Tumor grade was II, the staging was zero, which means that they think they got it all, and it had not spread. Yay…

I want to thank everyone who gave advice, support and just listened! You guys are great!

There are many, many pets out there that have this! Please look and get an opinion on any bump you find on your dog, and cats can get this also, although not as often! Mast Cell Tumors may also “disappear” and reappear on the surface with surprising speed. This doesn’t mean it is gone.

Below are the most helpful websites I found on this subject!







And so I was finally able to sketch a few things, no knitting has occurred yet!


What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for your pet's sake & for yours! Good thing you caught things when you did.

  2. Aw... poor Syd. Hope he's beginning to heal?

    Re: your sketch is great... you've got talent, girl. "Indiana's Got Talent"!!

    Re: Do you know how to tell a flower from a weed? Pull it up. If it comes up easily it was a valuable flower.

    LOL! read that in a gardening mag some years ago.

  3. I'm so glad Syd is going to be okay. Such a stressful thing for you all to go through though.
    I like your weed sketch. I think all of us that garden would be much happier if we embraced our weeds. The fact that they are so tenacious should tell us something.

  4. So glad that things are still moving in a positive direction.

    I think I'll have to agree with Mr. Emerson because your weed is lovely.


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