Soaring socks

I finally broke down and ordered the Cat Bordhi Book, Socks that soar on two circular needles. And I’m not disappointed! I quickly understood the concept and took off knitting. I have tried many methods of alternative sock knitting and I think I will use this one again! This book explains the technique and also has a variety of patterns.


Her description of “A manual of elegant knitting techniques and patterns” is correct. She includes instructions for the method itself and how to convert your favorite patterns to her method of knitting.

She starts with a basic sock pattern in 3 sizes, so there is one for you. Then progresses to Felted boots, and a variety of other patterns, from socks with cats on them to an advance leaf and tendril pattern. A large variety, and I would knit quite a few of these. The book is great for the patterns alone.

One suggestion that she makes that I agree with; If you are going to try this, get some good circular needles! I started a pair of toe up socks with a different brand of needles and put those on hold until I’m done with this pair!  She suggests Addi turbos, (read Knitters Review here) which I am using, I am thinking of buying several pairs of Options Nickel Plated Needles from KnitPicks which I hear are also good (read Knitters Review here), and at a significantly lower price.

On a side note her website has some free patterns, three super cute felted bags and a swan tea cozy. A stole and a moebius cowl.

I’m using 008

which I have never used before,a self-patterning stripe yarn in a wool and nylon blend 75/25. At only 166 yards per skein you will need two for socks. (and two skeins at 332 yards may not make socks for a larger size sock or longer cuff) I am leering at my skein after my cuff is done, and wondering if I will have enough.

The yarn itself, has a very nice feel to it and is pleasant to work with, the brand has a large variety of color choices and although I has not worn them, I would buy it again, at $5.99 a ball x2= $11.98, and 332 yds in two skeins. Check your pattern yardage to make sure you have enough, and shop the sale ads and use coupons. You can usually get this one sale.

036 001

A little outdoor knitting, and the first sock is almost done! After the first sock is done, you can see how much is left of the skein.  I am a loose knitter, so if I had used smaller needles I think I would have had enough for a longer cuff, but I would make a toe up sock to make sure I didn’t run out before I was done.

The second skein started off almost exactly where the first skein did in the stripe. I had a hiccup in the second sock due to lunch time knitting. I had to frog it all the way back to the heel gusset again. But after that it went smoothly.

All in all, this is the best method I have run across on knitting socks on a circular needle. So much so, that I think I will be knitting my socks in this method form now on. It is fast, you can try it on with it on the needles, no more dropping stitches off the ends of you dpns, and I usually use sock knitting as a “on the go” project, and the needles are a real plus here.


Done! Ready for fall now and sock wearing weather!

May your knitting needles fly as fast as dragonflies…


  1. I have never tried socks with circular needles at all, much less two. I will admit it sounds interesting, but I love my dpns. I am sure it'll be something I eventually try though.

    I am a huge fan of the Kroy sock yarn. Love them! Glad it worked out well for you.

    The socks look great!

  2. Wish I had those socks right now! I'm in PA freezing my feet off!

  3. I watched this video once, that my mom bought for me about knitting socks at the same time, on circular needles.

    It was by a lady named "Nenah" or "Neena", something like that.

    I couldn't get it though, unfortunately. I'm hooked on double pointed needles myself, but maybe I'll come around, when I get better at it.

    Love the blue of the socks.

  4. Your socks are fabulous!!! Love the color! Don't get me in the sock knitting notion again... I can't even keep up with what I've gotten started already!


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