Spinning and watercolors

Not doing much but taking care of the recovering dog at this point, and the usual necessary things like work.

I did buy an E-reader, it was a spontaneous buy, I had some bonus money that I hadn’t used and was in Borders Books. I am always carrying books around and thought “what the heck?”. I love it, and now can’t imagine doing without it. Hundreds of books in a very small space that can be taken easily anywhere. I looked at them before but thought I would miss having the “book” in my hands. Well there is still knitting, spinning and watercolor books to buy, more room on my shelves for them.

I have also begun spinning again. Every time I start spinning again, I wonder at how much I enjoy it, and why did I stop?

The fleece is a BFL, a lovely dark brown, I was drawn to it because the color was quite dark, and I thought that unusual. I love the way it spins up. A pound is enough for me to really make something with it (I hope). It is  enough fiber to keep me busy for quite a while at the rate I’m going.

One skein done, yardage is approx 240, two ply and 4.4 oz. So I’m expecting about 654  870 yds from the pound.  I was hoping to work this into a sweater, not sure I’ll have enough. May have to mix it with something.

005 018

I have done several watercolors, ordered several books from Amazon on watercolors. Found this interesting site with “lessons” Create38 from Vinita Pappas, she has free tutorials, I like the way she explains everything she is doing and why, while she paints. There is also forums, blog etc… Seems I have the watercolor fever.


Breezy and tropical


I did this really quickly, trying to loosen up and not over think things. Can you guess what the vegetables are? I was introduced to an interesting watercolor blog, The Twenty Minute Challenge. The simplicity of the paintings are beautiful.


  1. I would LOVE to do watercolors but am lost on much of what is required. Plus I have a cast on the arm I use.

    That said, I did purchase a "bamboo fun tablet" and can hold the mouse/pen quite easily so I am working on learning perspective and highlight/lowlight and stuff that is less painful when I can hit "undo" when it's wrong. :) Hopefully in another month or so I'll have at leas a tiny bit of background and can use the real deal.

    Thanks for the links. Going there now!

  2. I completely agree with you on the spinning. I do the same thing. It looks nice and squishy!

    Your work with watercolors is wonderful, you can tell you are growing in your talent. Very lovely.

  3. Dear Vicki,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your landscape has beautiful wash, wet in wet. I can tell what vegetable is. Step by step, watercolor techniques will be yours.
    I admire your skills for knitting and a spinning wheel. I have a sketch of a lady enjoying a wheel. Later, I'll upload it for the blog.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  4. Yay, nicely going with the watercolors, Vicki!
    Bytheway, can't remember if I did or not but, thank you for becoming my blog's 150th follower:):)

  5. Thanks for that link to the 20 min. challenge. That's exactly what I need to loosen up with my painting.

  6. Vicki, I absolutely love your watercolors. If I could paint like that I would probably stop spinning too.
    Congrats on your e-reader purchase. Aren't they wonderful?

  7. You're a wonder... watercolor, knitting, spinning, working, nursing Syd, being a wife... wow!


    1. Do you get graphics on your E-Reader?
    2. What is "BFL"? (I'll probably be embarrassed that I asked that.. but, oh well ;-)

    You're making fast strides in your paintings... and I'm not at all surprised! Keep going!

  8. Spinning and watercolor fever - Nice!

  9. I've been spinning lately as well and I wonder the same thing. I love it, but I just don't do it often enough. Some day I would love to have a wheel but for now my kick spindle is sufficient.

    I finally picked up my pencils again and I have so far to go to get back to where I was before. I'm getting there, though.

    You do beautiful work. I'm hoping to get to my paints soon.

  10. I'm fascinated by spinning! I wanted to try it once but decided that with all my other hobbies, I'd better not start another one - instead I will appreciate that skill in others. That yarn does look nice.

    I think I recognize all the vegetables except the large one on the right side, is that something cut in half? You did this all in 20 minutes? ! that's amazing.


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